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IRENA Global Atlas for Solar & Wind

irenaglobalatlasThe Global Atlas is the comprehensive information platform on the potential of renewable energy. It provides resource maps from leading technical institutes worldwide and tools for evaluating the technical potential of renewable energies. It can function as a catalyst for policy development and energy planning, and can support investors in entering renewable energy markets.

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This video describes the Global Atlas initiative, general framework, objectives and partnerships. The GlobalAtlas is the largest international initiative ever in renewable energy potentials. More information at:

Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment (SWERA)

SWERA2The Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment (SWERA) initiative brings together solar and wind energy resource data sets and analysis tools from a number of international organizations in a dynamic user-oriented environment. The information and data provided on the site are freely available to the public and intended to support the work of policy makers, project planners, research analysts and investors.

The Solar and Wind Energy Resource Assessment (SWERA) started in 2001 to advance the large scale use of renewable energy technologies by increasing the availability and accessibility of high quality solar and wind resource information. SWERA began as a pilot project with funding from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) and managed by the United Nations Environment Programme’s (UNEP) Division of Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE).


Decision Support Tool for Sustainable Bioenergy

module_landing_pic_2The UN-Energy Bioenergy Decision Support Tool (DST) was developed jointly by the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations (FAO) and the United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) under the framework of UN-Energy. UN-Energy is an UN agency-wide coordination mechanism on energy.

The DST provides stepwise guidance to decision makers in governments to develop sustainable bioenergy policies and strategies, and to assess investment proposals. It was created as a website that allows users use the tool interactively.

application-pdf Decision Support Tool for Sustainable Bioenergy

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Global Renewable Energy

IEAirenaIEA/IRENA Joint Polices and Measures database.

Deploying Renewables 2011| Renewable Energy: Markets and Prospects by Regions | Renewable Energy: Markets and Prospects by Technology | Renewable Energy: Policy Considerations for Deploying Renewables | Renewable Heat Policies: An Integrated Policy Approach.

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PVWatts Calculator

pwwattscalculatorNREL’s PVWattsTM calculator estimates the energy production and cost savings of grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) energy systems throughout the world. It allows homeowners, installers, manufacturers, and researchers to easily develop estimates of the performance of hypothetical PV installations. The PVWatts calculator works by creating hour-by-hour performance simulations that provide estimated monthly and annual energy production in kilowatts and energy value. Users can select a location and choose to use default values or their own system parameters for size, electric cost, array type, tilt angle, and azimuth angle. In addition, the PVWatts calculator can provide hourly performance data for selected TMY locations.


RENFORUS Interactive Map


Dr Osman Benchikh *. Programme Specialist in Charge of Energy and Renewable Energy. Coordinator of RENFORUS project.
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