RENFORUS in action

Renewable Energy Futures for UNESCO Sites

© TERI. Sunderban biosphere reserve

© TERI. Sunderban biosphere reserve

RENFORUS seeks to:

  • Mobilize UNESCO sites for practical learning on renewable energy solutions and commitment to the efficient use of energy.
  • Offer a platform for interaction between multiple stakeholders to bridge existing gaps for renewable energy deployment.
  • Disseminate opportunities, advantages, and practical applications of renewable energy technologies in UNESCO Sites.
  • Develop a system of consultations to identify opportunities, barriers and challenges related to renewable energy uses and policies.
  • Identify good practices that could serve as study case and replicable at local and regional level.
  • Promote capacity building and awareness-raising on the use and application of renewable energy systems targeting local communities.
  • Promote the use of renewable energy systems for the electrification of public and local community facilities in the selected sites.
  • Promote partnerships with multi stakeholders, including international organizations, networks, industry, NGOs and interested governments.

RENFORUS Interactive Map


Dr Osman Benchikh *. Programme Specialist in Charge of Energy and Renewable Energy. Coordinator of RENFORUS project.
E-mail: o.benchikh(at)
Cipriano Marín **. Assistant for RENFORUS project implementation.
E-mail: c.marin(at)
Addresses: * UNESCO. 1, Rue Miollis. 75015 Paris – France
** Avda. Islas Canarias, 35 - 38007, S/C de Tenerife - Spain