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The First Wind Farm in Costa Rica

Chiripa wind farm at Agua y Paz Biosphere Reserve Costa Rica is just one Central American that has long used renewable energy sources, primarily hydro power to become more energy self-sufficient. Now an increasing number of wind farms across the country as Chriripa are helping the country

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Luz para Todos (Light for All) Initiative

Solar Rural Electrification Prior to the Luz Para Todos (“Light for All”) initiative, a significant percentage of the Brazilian population lacked access to electricity. The program shows what can be accomplished with strong leadership and vision. The scope of the program is the whole country but has a

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Ranger and visitor center in bird sanctuary Isla Contoy

Green power for Green places – Ria Largartos biosphere reserve. Amigos Contoy A.C. signed a collaboration agreement with the Lighthouse Foundation and with the Isla Contoy National Park management in December 2005 to develop the project for “improvement and optimisation of solar and wind-generated systems for electric

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Geothermal energy in “El Vizcaino” biosphere reserve

Tres Virgenes Geothermal Plant. “Las Tres Vírgenes” is the most recent field in operation in Mexico. It is located in the middle of the Baja California peninsula, at the north of the state of Baja California Sur and inside the buffer zone of the El Vizcaíno Biosphere

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Miravalles Solar Park

The largest solar plant of Costa Rica built in “Agua y Paz” biosphere reserve. Built on the slopes of Miravalles Volcano, the Miravalles solar park was originally proposed by the Costa Rican Electricity Institution (ICE) and a letter of intent was signed in August by GeSolar, a

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Geothermal Plant Miravalles Volcano

Geothermal energy in “Agua y Paz” biosphere reserve, Costa Rica. Miravalles geothermal field, the most important Costa Rican geothermal area, is located on the southwestern slope of the Miravalles volcano. The present development extends over an area of more than 21 km2; about 16 km2 are dedicated

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Renewable Energy in Rural Markets Project (PERMER)

Connecting homes and schools to clean energy sources in Yabotí biosphere reserve. Cooking, heating water, or the house during winter, reading, listening to the radio, charging your phone, using the computer, watching TV – most people take these activities for granted in the 21st century, but for

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Misa Rumi solar village

Andes village runs on solar energy in Laguna de Pozuelos biosphere reserve. A pioneering solar energy project is using green technology to improve the lives of isolated villagers living beyond the reach of power lines on Argentina’s windswept Andean plains. Llama-herding communities have relied on firewood to

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Kiosco SOLAR

EcoAndina initiative in Las Yungas biosphere reserve. A Kiosco SOLAR, or solar kiosk, is one of several solar powered mobile food carts in operation in northern Argentina. The project to introduce the food carts is sponsored by Fundación EcoAndina. Each kiosk consists of a wheeled trolley, waterproof

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Zero fossil fuels on Galapagos

ERGAL Project, Renewable Energies for Galapagos islands. Protected as a national park and recognised as a Biosphere Reserve and World Heritage site by UNESCO, the Galapagos Islands are an ecosystem with worldwide significance. Each year, some 160,000 tourists visit the islands. A major threat to the archipelago

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