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The large number of UNESCO Sites around the world makes it possible to build and share a comprehensive knowledge based on good practices and policies on the use of environmentally sound energy technologies and their adaptation to specific contexts and needs. During 2013 the RENFORUS Initiative will prepare and make available a Report of Best Practices related to UNESCO sites.

The first Status Report of renewable energies in UNESCO sites will include the identification of good practices, the selection of priority sites and the opportunities to replicate successful experiences.

In the process of selection of good practices and the preparation of the Report, it is required to closely collaborate with stakeholders, including managers, responsible authorities and other key actors involved in sustainable energy within the UNESCO sites. In order to update the existing knowledge about the energy situation and the role of renewables in each site, a basic questionnaire addressed to UNESCO sites has been prepared.



Who should submit a case study?

Official representatives or site contact persons, local and national authorities, energy agencies or any actors developing sustainable energy projects at the UNESCO site.

How to submit a case study to RENFORUS?

Complete the questionnaire online by clicking the links below.

Questionnaire - Enter your submission here


Why submit a case study?

  • Eligible for the Annual Report Best Practice
  • Highlighted and promoted on the RENFORUS and UNESCO websites
  • Included in a RENFOPRUS Good Practice brochure to be widely distributed
  • Promoted at the RENFORUS events

The best case studies, as assessed by a group of experts.

What kind of case studies are eligible as good practices?

Projects and initiatives that meet the criteria established by RENFORUS to select best practices.

Good Practices criteria


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Dr Osman Benchikh *. Programme Specialist in Charge of Energy and Renewable Energy. Coordinator of RENFORUS project.
E-mail: o.benchikh(at)
Cipriano Marín **. Assistant for RENFORUS project implementation.
E-mail: c.marin(at)
Addresses: * UNESCO. 1, Rue Miollis. 75015 Paris – France
** Avda. Islas Canarias, 35 - 38007, S/C de Tenerife - Spain