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The Spanish Geo-park Forum


Recently, the EGN took the decision to work together at a national level and, thus, asked all the countries participating to constitute the corresponding forums to bring together all the geo-parks in the territory, working with the national commission of the UNESCO. Thus, the Spanish Forum was set up in December 2011.

The aims of the FORUM are: To promote and spread the word with respect to the cultural and scientific activities organised by the Spanish Geo-parks that form part of the European & Global Geo-park Network (EGN) , together with their appli
cations for territorial development: To coordinate the initiatives of the Spanish Geo-parks, favour their development and promote links between the members through the organisation of common projects and events: To act as spokesperson for the Spanish Geo-parks in the EGN in the aspects not touched upon in the meetings of the Coordination Committee of the EGN.

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