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Mirador de la Peña

Mirador-de-la-PeaThe MIRADOR DE LA PEÑA (La Peña viewing point) stands at around 650 metres up, at the east end of the cliff face at El Golfo and affords us a spectacular view over the rolling valley of El Golfo, produced as the result of a gigantic landslide that cleft off part of the volcanic edifice of El Golfo-Las Playas, some 100,000 years back, hurling thousands of tons of smashed volcanic rock into the sea. From then onwards, the valley has collected all kinds of sediments that have fallen off the cliffs, mainly in the shape of lava and other volcanic rubble from the 20 volcanic cones located on the cliff face itself. The cliff face allows us to clearly decipher how a volcanic island grows and diminishes.

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