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El Julan. Interpretation Centre

The El Julán Interpretation Centre is in the area of the same name. This archaeological site has been proposed for the status of Humankind Heritage Site to UNESCO by the Government of the Canary Islands. It is one of the most valuable and extensive archaeological sites on the islands. On the higher reaches, the interpretation centre offers an exhibition space with fixed panels plus an audiovisual centre with videos on the Bimbache people and the history of the island.

In the archaeological site itself, you can see the Tagoror (meeting place) and a long tongue of lava full of stone engravings known as “The Signs” (Los Letreros). These are Berber in origin and have not, as yet, been deciphered. In the caves, there have also been discoveries of burials, mummified corpses and votive offerings such as domestic utensils, primitive tools and recipients.


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