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Mirador de Isora

Mirador-de-IsoraThe lowlands of Las Playas are surrounded and sheltered by cliffs that tower up to over 1,000 metres high. From the MIRADOR DE ISORA (The Isora viewing Point) we can contemplate the cliff faces where several layers of lava overlap, corresponding to the three main episodes of volcanic growth on the island: the Tiñor edifice, the El Golfo-Las Playas edifice and the volcanic activity along the rifts (with more recent volcanic lava covering all the higher slopes of the lowlands). Each episode is clearly distinguishable from the next thanks to the volcanic scarring and crusts produced as a result of partial collapses of the volcanic edifices. The lower lands are covered in sediment with tapered sand piles, pebbles and volcanic agglutinates that fan out into the sea.

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