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Lookout points

If there is one sole thing that surprises the visitor when they come to El Hierro (there are millions), it would be the lookout points that afford views over the rolling slopes, cliff faces and general scenic beauty of places that are totally different the one from the other, just another example of how much variety of climates and settings are crammed into this tiny island.

There are four lookout points from which to view the impressive landslide that was produced in the valleys of Valle de El Golfo, Jinama, La Peña and Bascos together with Llanía. You should take them all in as each has its own peculiarities and beauties to offer. The Jinama lookout point is the starting point for one of the most famous hikes on the island that goes under the same name, Jinama. The lookout point at La Peña affords us an access to the Roques del Salmor plus the restaurant designed by the late César Manrique, El Mirador de la Peña. The lookout point at Llanía is an open balcony (which is reached on foot) and the viewpoint at Bascos offers us perhaps the dizziest scenario with sharp drops down to the westernmost point of Europe, the village of Sabinosa right below it. You mustn’t miss the lookout points at the Mirador de Isora and the other at Las Playas, the latter of which affords views over the east coast of the island, Roque de la Bonanza and the National Parador de Turismo. The lookout point at Pozo de las Calcosas is all of an invitation to get into the water and swim in the natural rock pools, albeit going down (and later coming up) the stairs carved out in the rock to get there. The lookout point at Tanajara shows us the village of El Pinar and the viewpoint at El Julán shows us the slopes by the same name, where one of the most significant archaeological sites of the Canary Islands is to be found. The pine forests run down the slopes of the gullies to the sea, Mar de Las Calmas, which is a scuba diver’s haven. Lomo Negro I and II are of great geological interest, just like la Hoya de Fireba, from where you can see the blowout crater of a volcano. Put your very own route together on El Hierro, on slow, at your own speed. But don’t miss any of them out.


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